Mrs Liu Florist

It is a traditional ground-floor flower shop that has been in business for more than 30 years. Familiar for local residents in Yuen Long District, Hong Kong. The proprietress Mrs. Liu has no doubts about the operation of flower shops, her sense of beauty and cost control experience, but it is not easy to expand her business outside her local areas to the whole territory.

Florists began to become clients in 2016. From the initial design of a simple online store website, including selecting flowers with delivery service date, location, etc. Several large-scale updates later, it has grown to a considerable scale, and the target customers have also expanded to all districts in Hong Kong. Through accurate content and Search Engine Optimization, the positions of flower shops have been in the top positions on Google Search in Hong Kong for a long time. In addition, during the festivals related to flower delivery, we also helped on online advertisements. It catalyzes store business and orders, and process delivery orders for flowers and other goods.


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